Day 22 Pnomh Penh to BunLeong

My first cup of tea; Vietnam-style. It was very good
Today was a long day.....519 km; close to 9 hours in the car through very hot, very flat countryside. We had an early start with the first car out at 7 am.

But before I talk about today, let me say something about last night's hotel, The Sofitel, Phnom Penh. This hotel is a five-star facility and the feast they prepared for us was as good as any hotel meal I've ever enjoyed. If you ever find yourself in the capital of Cambodia, there is only one place to stay, The Sofitel.

Today's early start took us across the Mekong River several times. The mighty Mekong starts in China and runs through Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. In many places the Mekong river is the border between several of these countries. The river ends its journey through the Mekong Delta and into the South China Sea.

We passed through “Lotus Country” with its large ponds full of Water Lillis; very serene. We also passed through "Pepper Country," where some of the worlds best pepper in grown and processed. In fact, before the Khmer Rouge, pepper was Cambodia's largest export crop. Much of it was destroyed, but it's trying to make a comeback.

The view from my villa at Quy Non, Vietnam
The Car and the Rally:

We had one Regularity Stage today and it was a bit tricky, as it required a speed change within was 60 kph for the first 2 km; thereafter the speed reduced to 50 kph for the remainder of the stage.

We did very well missing the the ideal time by one second. Today's results are in and we are currently in 7th place.

Tonight we are in Ban Leung ready to cross into Vietnam. The first car will pull out tomorrow at about 6 am. Four more racing days and one additional rest day. Crews are anxious to finish, but you bet there will still be a few unexpected twists along the way.